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Sounds That Indicate AC Repairs are Imminent

sounds-indicate-ac-repairs-imminent With temperatures already in the 90’s, it goes without saying that you’re using your air conditioner to keep cool on a daily basis. With that use, are you keeping a close eye out in case any operational problems crop up? AC issues are most likely to occur for air conditioners during the summer season, when system demand is at its highest.

This means that now should be when you’re most watchful for any indications of that air conditioning repairs in Hayden, ID are imminent. Keep reading to learn about a few specific sounds to listen for, which indicate that you should be concerned—and call in a professional HVAC technician to take a look.

Short Cycling

Do you hear your air conditioner’s compressor turning on and off every couple of minutes? This process, called short-cycling, is one of the most apparent signs that something is critically wrong with your air conditioner. It’s problematic for a host of reasons—namely, it cuts down your AC system’s ability to circulate cool air.

Secondly, short-cycling ramps up the amount of wear and tear that your system has to deal with. Prolonged short-cycling will cause components of your air conditioner to wear down and fail faster than they otherwise would, and if the problem goes on too long without being repaired, then it can even shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner by a number of years. So, ensure that you have a professional examine your AC system as soon as you notice it doing this.


Any type of grinding noise coming from your cooling system indicates that the system is likely having a problem with the air handler, or another failing component. Your air handler is the part of your AC system that actually circulates air throughout the home. Moving that much air creates a lot of friction, so your air handler motor contains lubricated bearings to help it run more smoothly.

Over time, these bearings naturally wear down, which causes the friction on the system to increase. If you notice a grinding sound coming from your AC system, call for repairs as soon as possible. The bearings in your air handler motor need to be replaced before they completely fail and the motor burns out.


If you detect a hissing noise coming from your air conditioner, you likely have air bubbles in the refrigerant line. This indicates a refrigerant leak, which is a much more serious issue than many people realize. Your air conditioning system relies on a set amount of refrigerant in order to operate as it should.

A leak will eventually deplete the system’s refrigerant supply, causing a steady drop in output. Eventually, the refrigerant level will drop low enough that your air conditioner will break down entirely. If you hear this noise coming from your AC—especially if it’s coupled by fluid leaking from the system, contact our professionals right away.

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