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How Does Ductless Air Conditioning Work?

One of the least understood concepts about air conditioning is how these systems actually work. With so many different types of AC systems on the market, it’s easy to get lost in all the information, and even easier to ignore how complex these systems actually are. Once you have an idea of how a ductless air conditioning system works, you’ll understand why routine maintenance and repair are both so important.

Ductless AC Components

A ductless split system is composed of two main parts: the outside compressor unit, and multiple indoor units called air handlers, which contain fans and provide cooling to the rooms they are placed in. The air handlers are connected to the outside unit through refrigerant lines that run through the walls of your home through small, drilled holes. Electricity is supplied to the air handlers from the outdoor unit, requiring no additional wiring. All of these make a ductless system a much more convenient choice than central AC if you do not already have ductwork installed.

So, How Does This Cool Your Home?

A ductless cooling system works similarly to a central air system in that it removes heat from your indoor air in order to cool it down. However, it doesn’t require bulky ductwork to get the job done, unlike a central unit. Your outdoor compressor unit will pump and cool the ductless system’s refrigerant through the lines to the indoor units. The fan inside each unit turns and then distributes the cool air throughout your living space. Because cool air is heavier than warm air, the warm air rises and is retrieved and removed by your indoor unit.

Due to their compact design and lack of ductwork, ductless cooling systems provide a number of benefits to homeowners like you. Not only can you install multiple units to achieve zoned air conditioning, ductless systems also reverse their process to function as heaters. This means you have one system to provide you with year-round comfort, rather than relying on both a central AC unit and a furnace. Ductless systems are also much more energy efficient than their counterparts, take up less space, and improve the air quality within your home.

To learn more about ductless systems in Coeur d’Alene, ID, and for help with any of your home comfort needs, don’t hesitate to call ACI Northwest!

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