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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Does It Matter What Size My AC Unit Is?

There’s no mystery behind why a properly functioning air conditioner is essential. While we are experiencing milder temperatures right now, summer is right around the corner. If you are in the market for a new AC, you have a lot of considerations to make. You are probably tempted to go out and buy the biggest air conditioner that will match your budget. However, this would be a mistake.

If your air conditioning system is too big, it will shut on and off rapidly—a process known as short-cycling—and will not effectively cool your home. Too small of a unit, however, will cause your system to continuously run as it attempts to cool down your entire living space. Purchasing a correctly sized system is essential, but how do you know what the right size is?

It’s Not Just About Square Footage

The square footage of your home is just one factor that professional HVAC technicians look at when sizing an air condition. In addition, they’ll look at ceiling heights throughout your home, the number of windows you have, the thickness of your walls, type of insulation, the material used for the construction off   your home, heat-generating devices such as lights, and more. They’ll also pay attention to your climate.

Can I Figure It Out On My Own?

While the methods used for calculating the right AC size is relatively straightforward, the numbers have become a bit more complicated as high energy-efficient systems have made their way onto the market. This requires the knowledge that comes with professional training. Quality HVAC technicians are trained to do these calculations day in and day out.

Accurately sizing an air conditioning system takes a professional, detail-oriented approach. We recommend asking a professional HVAC contractor how they size a unit. A reputable HVAC technician will discuss the factor mentioned above.

For air conditioning installation in Post Falls, ID, contact ACI Northwest today. We are here to help with your all of your home comfort needs!

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