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Air Conditioning Guide: Common AC Electrical Problems

There are a number of quite common AC electrical problems which can occur at any time immediately after an AC installation or after years of air conditioner.  ACI Northwest is an air conditioning company in Coeur d’ Alene that understand the electrical systems of air conditioners and can help to determine which AC electrical problem you are encountering..

Common Air Conditioning Electrical Problems

A loss of power could mean electrical controls have failed after years of use and electrical wiring could need to be replaced.

Unusual odors such as a burning smell could indicate faulty wiring where the insulation has come off internal wires, leaving them exposed and unsafe.  Exposed wiring can result in short circuits or even the potential for an electrical fire.

Thermostat sensors can be knocked out of place and can malfunction, causing the AC to cycle constantly or turn on and off in an unpredictable manner.

The AC compressor must have the proper amount of electricity running to it in order to function adequately.  If improper electricity amounts continue to flow to the compressor it can eventually seize up and stop working.  Restoring this balance is essential.

Tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses can also be the reason for an air conditioning to stop running.  However, the root cause of this type of electrical problem should also be addressed so that the breakers are not tripped on any sort of regular basis.

Each of these air conditioner electrical problems is something that the skilled Coeur d’ Alene air conditioning technicians at ACI Northwest can diagnose and resolve.  Contact ACI Northwest today and have the electrical system in your air conditioner running properly once again.

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