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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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Help! My AC is Blowing Hot Air

red and black thermostat iconWe may have it easier than other parts of the country when summer hits—after all it’s pretty mild and cool here the majority of the year. However, when summer is at its hottest—now—you need your air conditioner to really step up to the plate and do its job effectively and efficiently. You can reduce the risk of anything going wrong with routine maintenance, but beyond that you can’t always guarantee that nothing will malfunction.

All appliances—with air conditioners being no exception—are subject to occasional operational issues. These problems are most likely to present themselves just when you need your cooling system the most. Therefore, learning to recognize potential indications of trouble and knowing when to call for professional air conditioning repair in Spokane, WA is very important.

An AC That Is Blowing Warm Air

Shy of your air conditioner not turning on at all, the fact that it is blowing warm air is possibly the clearest sign that something is very wrong. If your cooling system is not only failing to cool but also blowing hot air, there are a number of potential issues that could be at play. Not all of these are serious, but each of them require your quick attention.

Before You Call for Repairs…

When you need reliable repair services, we are the team to contact. But as we alluded to above, there are some causes of an air conditioner seemingly blowing warm air that’s actually not a cause for concern at all. That is, they don’t even require professional services in order to be resolved. We’re happy to help regardless, but rather than calling a technician right off the bat, it’s important to rule out simple solutions first

We advise that you first check your thermostat. It’s probably that somebody in your family or household adjusted the thermostat incorrectly, or perhaps it was set to “fan-only” mode. If this is the cause, your system will be on but will be just circulating unconditioned air throughout the home, therefore making it feel like you’re getting hot air from your AC system.

Another thing to check is that your outdoor unit is actually in operation. In many cases, the outdoor unit works on a different circuit than your indoor unit does. Therefore, its breaker might have tripped. This will result in the fan unit running, but without any actual air conditioning occurring. To resolve this, you need only to flip the breaker switch to get it back up and running.

When There Is No Obvious Solution

If you’ve performed the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips and you fail to see any obvious cause of the problem in your home, then it’s certainly time to call for professional repairs. Putting up with an under-performing air conditioner will only leave you uncomfortable—not to mention you could be unintentionally causing a lot of AC damage.

The problem you could be dealing with, for instance, is a refrigerant leak. Your air conditioner is designed to work with a certain amount of refrigerant—and supplied with that amount upon installation (refrigerant does not run out like gasoline in a car—despite popular beliefs). Having too little refrigerant in the system puts a large amount of stress on the AC, which can end up doing serious and irreversible harm to the cooling system’s compressor.

Whatever your cooling system problem might be, having it accurately diagnosed by a professional HVAC technician is as important as having it professionally repaired. We’ll ensure that the problem is resolved properly to allow you to get back to living comfortably.

ACI Northwest is here to help with your home comfort needs or concerns.

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