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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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3 Signs of a Problem with Your Air Conditioner

One of the ways to have a great summer is to make sure you’re air conditioner has a great summer as well. To prepare your AC for a smooth season cooling your home, make sure any malfunctions it currently has receive professional repairs before the hot weather starts.

Since you’ve likely had your air conditioning working for a few days during spring, you’ll have an opportunity to notice anything awry or unusual in how it runs. Here are three signs to look for that can warn you it’s time to call for repairs so you will have a cooling system prepared for whatever the summer sun can hurl at you.

ACI Northwest has a trained staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to come to your aid when you need reliable air conditioning repair services in Spokane, WA.

3 Warning Signs of AC Repairs

  1. Loud, unusual noises: Modern air conditioners are designed to make as little noise as possible, with special baffles and soundproofing on the casing, and precision fans with whisper quiet operation. When you hear anything other than the fan whir and the hum of the compressor, it almost always indicates a malfunction that needs repairs. Some specific noises to listen for: grinding, groaning (motor troubles), clicking (capacitors failing), screeching (dirty motor bearings), hissing (leaking refrigerant), and rattling (loose mechanical components).
  2. Unusual spikes in utility bills: Always inspect your monthly electrical bills to see if costs take a sudden rise. This often points toward a mechanical malfunction in the AC that is causing it to strain in order to operate at its regular level. Compare current bills to bills from the previous year to locate when the costs have started to escalate. If you cannot detect anything specific due to noise or other symptoms, rely on a professional to find the root cause and fix it.
  3. Short-cycling: “Short-cycling” describes an air conditioner that continually cuts off its cooling cycle and shuts down its compressor before it can lower the temperature to its user-set level. The compressor will turn back on again a short time later, and shut off again before it finishing the cycle. This creates a huge drain on energy and will wear down the compressor rapidly. A number of issues can cause this, such as thermostat miscalibrations, clogged filters, and failing motors. Whatever the source of the problem, it needs to be fixed quickly before the compressor suffers damage.

Most air conditioning repairs are basic and inexpensive… if you catch them early enough. Do not let a repair slide until you “really need” the air conditioner in the summer. Contact seasoned professionals, like those at ACI Northwest, to handle your necessary air conditioning repairs in Spokane, WA.


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