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Serving The Greater Coeur D’Alene & Spokane Area


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3 Important Benefits of Spring AC Maintenance

Spring season is a time for many projects: gardening, “spring cleaning” around the house, and more. But one project that often gets overlooked is checking your air conditioner. It may not be hot yet, but warmer weather is just around the corner. Is your air conditioner ready? Ensuring your AC is ready for summer is not a job you can do on your own.

Air conditioning systems are complex refrigeration devices that only professionals with appropriate training should handle when it comes to inspections and tune-ups. No matter what the service is, you can count on our technicians to perform a thorough job, particularly when it comes to maintenance. Below, we’ve listed 3 benefits of investing in such a service.

1. Energy Efficiency

Each year that your air conditioner goes without maintenance, it can lose about 5% or more of its energy efficiency rating. So after only a few years, you may be paying 25% more on your energy bills than you normally would have had to, without any performance improvement. By scheduling routine maintenance, you can expect your cooling system to keep its efficiency rating for nearly its entire service life.

2. Longer Lifespan

The service life of your air conditioner is depended on many factors. However, maintenance is the best way to ensure that you receive the most years of cooling from your AC as possible. Without proper maintenance, the mechanical components will wear down rapidly, and the air conditioner might not even make it through half of its intended lifespan.

3. Prevents Emergencies

Air conditioning emergencies may never be 100% avoidable, however reducing the likelihood of an emergency is the leading benefit of routine maintenance. Just as you would have a car tune-up prior to a long road trip, a maintenance visit for your AC will ensure that it is in the best shape to make it through the long summer without encountering a major issue. The last thing you want to do is scramble to schedule emergency AC repairs on the hottest day of the year, and maintenance will help you avoid this scenario.

To schedule your air conditioning maintenance appointment in Hayden, ID, contact ACI Northwest today.

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