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REME HALO® Air Purifiers in Coeur d’Alene, ID

When it comes to the quality of your indoor air, the first thing that likely comes to your mind is how hot or cool it is in your home. Temperature control is certainly an important part of home comfort. However, what about the air you’re breathing? You may not be aware, but your indoor air quality can actually be worse than that of outdoors, which is why we recommend getting the right air purifier solution for your household.

A REME HALO® air purifier or Refresh Air Purification system will do wonders to improve your Coeur d’ Alene home’s atmosphere, and improve your health as a result. Remember, every home is unique, but the right air purification system will handle any variety of possible indoor air issues that can impact your living space.

Contact our team today to learn more about the REME HALO® system and how it can benefit your household!

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Effective Against All Indoor Air Pollutants

The REME HALO® is very different from your standard filter or even your standard air purification system. It is designed to eliminate and prevent all three categories of pollutants that can enter your home—particulate, microbial, and gases. This includes common allergy triggers such as pollen, dander, and dust, and even tougher microorganisms like mold, mold spores, and mildew, which can make even the healthiest person ill.

The REME HALO® system was designed specifically to eliminate "sick building syndrome," a phenomenon in which office workers would often complain of headaches and respiratory problems brought on by the contaminants coming in through the ventilation system. Air purification certainly doesn’t only benefit commercial spaces though—any home can benefit from effective air purification. This system features:

  • Dual Ionizers: This reduces airborne particulates such as dust, dander, pollen, and mold spores.
  • Kills up to 99% of Bacteria: This includes mold and viruses.
  • Reduces Germs by 99%: It does this in the time a sneeze can reach 3 feet!
  • Kills 99% of Viruses on Surfaces: This is thanks to new zinc ions.
  • Provides Whole Home and Building Purification: A portable system is incapable of doing this.
  • Easily Integrated: This system can be installed directly into your existing HVAC system, taking nothing away from your living space. It also operates silently, preventing any disruptions.
  • Easy Cell Replacement: Replacing a cell is simple, with 2 quick-release features for easy, no-tool work.
  • Adjustable Shroud: This is incorporated around the cell and enables customization of the advanced oxidation plasma output.

The REME HALO® System Can Be Installed Anywhere

The REME HALO® air purifier has many different applications. They are great for homes—so great they are even used to help sterilize environments such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, daycare centers, office buildings, veterinary clinics, and hotels. Visitors to such buildings can actually become quite ill if these buildings do not have the right air filtration and purification systems in place.

Fortunately, you needn’t look any further than our team to have the REME HALO® system installed in your home. This air purifier is even U.S. military approved for mold reduction in field hospitals, and for the fight against infectious diseases. Schools that have used them report a 20% decrease in absences.

We look forward to helping with your air purifier service needs in Coeur d’ Alene. Contact ACI Northwest today! 

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