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Commercial Rooftop Units from ACI Northwest in Coeur D’alene, ID

Rooftop units are single–cabinet units that provide a larger capacity of heating and cooling to larger interior spaces. They are designed to heat and cool air for an entire retail store, office space, or industrial building. They can also include special features such as solar panels, high–end filtration systems, and humidity control. ACI Northwest has a team of rooftop unit specialists that have experience working with all sorts of rooftop air conditioners and heaters in and around Coeur d’Alene.

Rooftop air conditioners and rooftop heaters have a single outdoor compartment that feeds the heated or cooled air to each room of a building through a series of ventilation ducts which run under floors, behind walls and in crawlspaces. The heated or cooled air moves through the ducts at one uniform speed, maintaining each room at the temperature preset in the thermostat.

Commercial rooftop units are manufactured to be heavy–duty and dependable while providing the highest level of comfort to employees and customers throughout each season, all year long. They are typically used in the commercial sector on rooftops of office buildings, shopping centers, retail stores, hospitals, schools, and industrial buildings. Commercial rooftop units in Spokane can be air conditioners and heaters that are used separately but located close to one another, or they can be one single rooftop unit that provides both heated and cooled air itself. By placing it on the roof you get the benefit of the HVAC system being out of the customers’ sight who would rather see the company image being displayed than a bulky HVAC unit.

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Unit Services in Coeur d’Alene, ID 

We provide quality commercial rooftop unit service to all of our customers, including rooftop unit installation and replacement, as well as rooftop unit repairs and maintenance programs. We are an experienced commercial rooftop unit service company that works throughout the cities of Coeur d’Alene Idaho, and Spokane Washington, as well as surrounding areas. Contact ACI Northwest and receive rooftop unit support from a reliable commercial rooftop unit services company that has the experience necessary to ensure you have what you need.

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