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Heavy Equipment Diesel Truck Mechanic


Service/repair heavy equipment/trucks at various job sites as well as in the mechanic shop.

Daily Duties:

1. Maintains vehicles, which may include a company’s heavy equipment, tractor/trailers, and other
motor vehicles
2. Performs routine and preventive maintenance including oil changes and tune-ups
3. Performs tests on specific parts and systems to ensure proper function
4. Identifies mechanical problems either visually or with computer diagnostic equipment.
5. Examines critical parts and systems using a standard checklist
6. Repairs or replaces malfunctioning parts and systems such as brake pads, belts, water pumps,
transmissions, and other mechanical parts
7. Conduct safety inspections of equipment and maintain maintenance records
8. Operate equipment as needed
9. Occasional welding and fabricating as needed
10. Perform duties in a timely and efficient manner
11. Maintain work area appearance and safety
12. Working knowledge of diesel engines with the occasional gasoline engine
13. Performs other related duties as assigned


1. High School Diploma (or GED or Equivalent)
2. 2-3 years of heavy equipment mechanic experience preferably with field experience.
3. Valid Driver’s License and medical card
4. Reliable transportation
5. May require travel / overnight stay
6. Able to understand verbal and written instructions

Performance Indicators:

Certain key business indicators that will measure the effectiveness of the heavy equipment/truck mechanic. These include the following:

1. Attendance, punctuality, and dependability is a must
2. Attend and understand weekly onsite safety meetings
3. Must work well with others in a team-oriented environment
4. Excellent work ethic is a must

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