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A common issue we find during the first of the hot weather is iced up units. This is when the unit has due to some problem become frozen on the indoor unit. Signs of this is when you see the unit outside running, your furnace fan running and no airflow coming from your vents. When you go outside and look at the unit you may see ice around one of the copper lines going into your home. Solution: shut your air conditioning OFF, turn your fan switch to ON, now the fan will continue to run to begin melting the ice from the indoor coil. Water will be present so if there is a concern of water damage be sure to check on the unit often and if needed put something around the unit to collect water.

One of the most common reasons for this occurrence or failure is due to a dirty filter. Once the filter becomes dirty it restricts airflow which in turns allows the indoor coil to become so cold that ice builds up until there is no airflow compounding the issue. So be sure to check and change your filter as needed. If the issue persists there are other failures that can cause this but a technician will need to be the one to diagnose.

Thanks for your support, Jason Roop
Service Manager

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